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Make Your Money Matter

Dec 24, 2021

Your rational and emotional minds are at war every day. When your emotional mind wins, it causes you to make boneheaded financial decisions that jeopardize your retirement. 

Changing your environment helps you take back control over your emotions set on destruction. In fact, even heroin-addicted veterans kick their addiction overnight when they change their environment.

In this episode, you’ll discover how changing your environment helps you make smarter financial decisions and protect your retirement.

Listen to this episode now before your emotions sabotage your retirement.

Show Highlights Include:

  • How veterans kicking their heroin addictions overnight help you see better returns in the market (3:33) 
  • The insidious way subliminal messages in the media sabotage your retirement nest egg (5:20) 
  • How your emotions dupe you into making boneheaded financial decisions when you know better (and how to gain control over your emotions) (6:24) 
  • How to adjust your investment portfolio when the media won’t shut up about market downturns, volatility, and variability so you don’t undermine your retirement (7:09) 
  • The subtle “anti-emotion” mindset shift that gives you control over your emotions and protects your investments (8:54) 
  • The “Double D” investing strategy that maximizes your savings in retirement (9:29) 
  • Why you don’t need any more self-control than an addict to make more profitable financial decisions (13:08) 

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