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Make Your Money Matter

Jan 14, 2022

Life’s randomness is what makes it beautiful and dreadful. Especially with your financial plan. 

Not understanding life’s randomness increases your chances of running out of money in retirement. Or making boneheaded financial mistakes that sabotage your quality of life. 

A good financial plan helps counteract life’s randomness. But only when you update it after 4 major life events. 

In this episode, I reveal each of these 4 major life events so you can make smarter financial decisions and avoid unnecessary stress. 

Listen to the episode now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • The 4 unique circumstances where you must review your financial plan for maximum gains and minimum uncertainty (5:33 
  • The “material change” method for updating your financial plan so you don't run out of money in retirement (8:27) 
  • Why your financial plan obliterates stress and uncertainty when making important financial decisions (11:27) 
  • How frequently you need to review and update your financial plan so your finances don’t cause unnecessary stress and frustration (14:48)

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