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Make Your Money Matter

Sep 24, 2021

We all have both an emotional and rational mind. Which one should you trust when it comes to making smart financial decisions?

You can make a case for relying on either your emotional and rational mind. But the most profitable investment strategy is by combining both minds.

In this episode, I reveal why combining both...

Sep 17, 2021

Almost every month, a client asks me whether they should buy or lease their car. Since your car is your second or third biggest expense, I figured we’d discuss the pros and cons of buying vs leasing. 

Should you buy or lease your car? 

The answer depends on several unique factors that are specific to you. 

But don’t...

Sep 10, 2021

The average investor is emotionally tied to their financial risks. Losing money is one risk. Upsetting your spouse is another risk. So is taking investment advice from an internet influencer. How do you know if you’re taking the right risks with your investments?

Problem is, investment advice is easy to find — it's...

Sep 3, 2021

Reading headlines and news articles about the economy can be confusing and downright wrong. For example, despite inflation making headline news, our analysis shows that it’s not too hot right now. 

How can you separate fear from the truth? 

Every quarter, One Capital Management creates a playbook to help you better...