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Make Your Money Matter

Jan 28, 2022

Investing is hard. You have to sacrifice your money now, so you can enjoy life later. Many people don’t start investing because it’s easier not to.

But you know what’s harder than investing? 

Trying to retire in your 50s or waiting until you’re older to start investing. Waiting has a massive opportunity cost...

Jan 21, 2022

If you watch the news, you’d think the economy only has a couple months left until utter chaos. 

While we’re still learning how to navigate in the post-crisis world, there are many reasons to feel hopeful. 

In this episode, you’ll discover why our economy isn’t all doom and gloom right now. Listen to the episode...

Jan 14, 2022

Life’s randomness is what makes it beautiful and dreadful. Especially with your financial plan. 

Not understanding life’s randomness increases your chances of running out of money in retirement. Or making boneheaded financial mistakes that sabotage your quality of life. 

A good financial plan helps counteract...

Jan 7, 2022

There’s a popular retirement ad that asks retirees what their retirement “number” is. This approach to retirement makes sense — and it’s generally better to have more savings than less. 

But that isn’t always the case. There’s something more important than your savings. And that’s how much income you...