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Make Your Money Matter

Jun 19, 2024

Recently, Former President Donald Trump proposed that the U.S. replace taxes with tariffs. This had politicians on both sides of the aisle scratching their heads. Although this could be a good idea, “in theory”, it will not likely happen.

Today, Brad gives a little history on tariffs and taxes, along with some...

Jun 13, 2024

Ready or not, we have an election coming up this November and many of us are bracing to see how the market responds. But do elections REALLY have an affect on the stock market?

Today, Brad takes us through a 100 year timeline on election data and how it coincides with the U.S. market. The results may surprise you.

Jun 6, 2024

If you have been following news pundits on the subject of inflation, you might be scratching your head, but also becoming a little impatient… for good reason.

Today, Brad walks us through discussions in the media regarding inflation and interest rates. And with so many rumors and opinions, it is hard to find the real...