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Make Your Money Matter

Nov 30, 2022

Fear and anxiety around your money can sabotage your approach to investing. Either your fear causes you to take unnecessary risks, or it makes you as conservative as sticking your money in a savings account. That’s the bad news. The good news?...  Calming your fears is easier than you think.

In this episode Brad shares the 3 types of fears that could hinder your investing goals and some simple ways to overcome them.

Listen now. 

Show Highlights Include:

  • Breaking Down Fear. (2:26) 
  • 3 Of The Most Common Fears. (6:33) 
  • There Could Be Teachable Moments.  (11:28) 
  • Crisis Brings Out The Best And Worst In Us. (16:15) 
  • The Human Connection And Oxytocin. (19:45) 
  • Health Versus Wealth. (21:05) 

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