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Make Your Money Matter

Aug 13, 2021

Biden recently proposed a tax hike. Millions are worried Uncle Sam is coming for their hard-earned money. But will it affect you? 

There are actually 3 solid reasons why you shouldn’t stress out about the proposed tax hike. 

In this episode, I’m revealing what these 3 reasons are and why doing nothing might be your best move.

Listen now to discover how to protect your hard earned money from Uncle Sam.

Show Highlights Include:

  • The “bottleneck supply chain” secret that frees you from worrying about inflation eating your savings (5:08) 
  • Why the astronomical inflation rates we’re seeing is only a temporary phase (6:10) 
  • How the temporary rise in inflation won’t cause a huge drop in your stock portfolio or another recession (8:57) 
  • Why the 10-year government bond yield is still a dirt-cheap investment (even if interest rates double) (9:11) 
  • Anxious about Biden’s tax hikes? Here’s why you don’t have to panic (12:19) 
  • Why the stalled economy could reduce your tax bill (15:07) 

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