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Make Your Money Matter

Sep 3, 2021

Reading headlines and news articles about the economy can be confusing and downright wrong. For example, despite inflation making headline news, our analysis shows that it’s not too hot right now. 

How can you separate fear from the truth? 

Every quarter, One Capital Management creates a playbook to help you better understand what’s happening in the economy and where it’s going. 

In this episode, I reveal the inside perspective from our investment committee, our partners, and our advisors. That way, you have a more accurate forecast of how the economy impacts your investment portfolio. 

Listen now so you can make smarter and more profitable investment decisions through the rest of 2021. 

Show Highlights Include:

  • How the equity market maintains its momentum despite the various challenges caused by the crisis (3:23) 
  • Why duration bonds are a riskier investment than usual through the rest of 2021 (6:46) 
  • How a jump in interest rates causes bonds with longer durations to notch up to a 17% loss (7:06) 
  • Why seeking credit instead of duration helps you minimize risk and produce income in your bond asset classes (7:29) 
  • The counterintuitive reason inflation isn’t as bad as headlines news make it seem (8:47) 

If you want to download the Summer 2021 Playbook mentioned during this show, head to and click on the “Idea Lab” tab to download the report for free. 

To schedule your complimentary retirement track review, head to You can also call us at 805-410-5454 or text the word ‘TRACK’ and we’ll reach out to you.