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Make Your Money Matter

Apr 26, 2023

Many of us battle our emotions as it relates to the decisions we make regarding our money. Unfortunately, this can lead to wealth destroying outcomes.

In today's episode, Brad discusses the concept of Time and Money and how together they could equal Freedom.

Listen now. 

Show Highlights Include:

  • Investing Is 10%...

Apr 19, 2023

With Spring in the air, it is a good reminder that just like seasons change, so do market cycles. So, it is important not to get caught up in media rhetoric or social media hype when it comes to our investments and the market.

In today's episode, Brad gives us a great analogy on seasons and investing and how we should...

Apr 13, 2023

If you have been listening to the current headlines, the state of the U.S. dollar has been a large topic of discussion and the question commonly asked is... "Will the world ditch the U.S. dollar?"

In this week's episode, Brad gives a short history lesson on the world's currency, plus the "What if..." scenario in regards...