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Make Your Money Matter

Oct 19, 2023

Most people try to avoid any situation that is volatile because they generally involve risk. But when it come to investing, it could be misleading to believe volatility equates to risk.

In today’s show, Brad discusses this topic of variability in a story driven way, plus educates all of us on how to filter the...

Oct 13, 2023

Did you know that 1 in 5 married couples say that finances is the greatest issue they face in their relationship? Money and finances can be a very uncomfortable topic for many couples, but there is hope.

Today on the show, Brad shares 5 tips to becoming a successful financial couple.

Listen now. 

Show Highlights...

Oct 6, 2023

As we move into the 4th quarter of 2023 and take a look back on the year, the word “Volatility” stands out like a giant billboard sign. But what if volatility was not as bad as it is made out to be?

On today’s show, Brad defines, measures and brings context to volatility, reminding us that today’s concerns...