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Make Your Money Matter

Aug 6, 2021

Retirement planning starts as soon as you get a job. But the act of saving money alone isn’t a plan. Taxes and inflation could end up eating more money than you save. 

Treating your money with purpose is the only way to reach your retirement goals. And if you want to retire stress-free, you need to know what that means to you. 

In this episode, I discuss how to set a course (and keep on track) for a sustainable and abundant retirement.

Show Highlights Include:

  • How to avoid unwanted stress in retirement planning with advice from a 116-year-old. (4:15)
  • How to replace the ‘junk’ in your portfolio with assets that provide purpose and pleasure. (7:32)
  • The ‘Ronald Reagan’ way to avoid bad advice online and craft the perfect plan with a professional. (13:15)
  • How to build an abundant retirement portfolio with a single number. (15:20)
  • How to protect your heirs and preserve legacy estates with the ‘Six Feet Under’ clause. (21:19)

To schedule your complimentary retirement track review, head to You can also call us at 805-410-5454 or text the word ‘TRACK’ and we’ll reach out to you.