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Make Your Money Matter

Jul 16, 2021

If you've ever invested or talked about the market, you've likely heard about the “Dow Jones.” Yet, few people have an understanding of what that is or how it started.  

The Dow watches over some of the biggest and most prominent companies in the country. Paying attention to them is the only way to make sure everything fits into the future of your plan (and lasts).

In this episode, I discuss how the history of the Dow protects your retirement today.  

Show Highlights Include:

  • How to predict and understand the market today through the story of Charles Dow and Edward Jones. (1:57)
  • Using history lessons to preserve your retirement finances in any market. (6:02)
  • How to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket with a diversified portfolio. (10:11)
  • Why creatinga risk-free retirement plan starts by understanding twelve industrial companies. (15:34)

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