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Make Your Money Matter

Sep 10, 2021

The average investor is emotionally tied to their financial risks. Losing money is one risk. Upsetting your spouse is another risk. So is taking investment advice from an internet influencer. How do you know if you’re taking the right risks with your investments?

Problem is, investment advice is easy to find — it's everywhere. But not all advice is good advice. And when you don't know what's true and what's hype, you buy or sell based on emotions, not data.

On today's episode, Pat Bowen, president of One Capital Management, says that many individual investors trade on emotions. They’d be better off with diversified, long term strategies. Pat believes that you must manage your investment risks to meet your financial goals.

Hot investments come and go — don't let them leave you cold.

Listen now to discover how a long-term investment strategy maximizes your financial gains!

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why the flood of financial information available can wash away your investment earnings (0:53)
  • The stable "three-legged stool" to look for in your investment advisor (4:35)
  • Why the myth of "buy low, sell high" is impossible to achieve — and how to make money anyway (7:45)
  • How to diversify your portfolio to maximize your returns — without swings in your earnings (8:28)
  • Hate taxes? Here's why you need to plan your major money moves for the next 2 years to minimize your tax payments (14:55)
  • Why having a "personal trainer" for your investments increases your gains (23:58)
  • How does your favorite Investment YouTuber get paid? (Hint: it's not from good advice) (32:01)

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